HR Associate

Posted 11 months ago

Job Details  

The new human resources hire will assist in all areas of HR to support our employees. From helping with payroll to hiring new team members, they’ll be involved in every stage of the employee lifecycle. They will be the go-to person for all employee concerns and will assist the management, including updating onboarding processes and communicating high-level issues. 


  • Oversee employee performance and work with management to assess underperformers. 
  • Ensure that all corporate rules, as well as state and federal laws and regulations, are followed by all employees. 
  • Establish professional, trustworthy, and open relationships with all workers  
  • Make the workplace welcoming to all employees. 
  • Encourage employees to communicate with human resources. 
  • Maintain employee records and keep them up to date as needed. 
  • Refresh the company’s policies and benefits package. 
  • Make communication between management/department leaders and employees easier. 
  • Co-manage meetings with the Management. 
  • Educate employees on firm advantages and rewards, such as possibilities for advancement and education. 
  • Finish all payroll paperwork  
  • Assist management with corrective action as needed 
  • Assist management and department heads in the settlement of conflicts and accidents. 


  • Bachelor’s in human resources management 
  • Experience 1-5 years 
  • Intermediate experience with Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint 
  • Intermediate mathematical skills 
  • Strong interpersonal relationship skills 
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills 

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