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Advertise On Paid Media For Better Marketing Results

Paid media is a part of marketing and advertising that requires the purchase of advertising space to promote the brand to a wider audience. Brands pay for content promotion to get their message across to the audiences at scale. Paid media is part of a brand’s strategy to increase traffic, sales and conversions through clicks and ultimately revenue.  

"There was a 220% increase in year-on-year ad spend on Instagram Stories."

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Different Models Of Paid Media

A model where an amount is paid for each click received, regardless of views/impressions. This performance-based metric includes automatic and manual bids that allow you to set a budget or control your maximum bid amount.
A model where advertisers pay per thousand ad views. This applies to display ads – banners, native ads, and more. 

Paid social media

Leverage the opportunity provided by the social media to create a business account on the social media platform to promote your business.

Search Engine ads

Use Pay Per Click (PPC) and Pay per Impression ads (PPI) to boost the reach of your business.

Banner ads

Connect with your targeted audience by use of banner ads that are embedded inside the website that they spend most of their time on.

Native ads

Inform or Influence your targeted audience with the help of native ads and promote your Brand


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